The core principles of my personal process are defined as: purposeful data analysis, ‎value added problem solving, clear & open ‎communication, & directional adaptability. Daily my aim is to exhibit respectful team work, commitment & work ethic. Beyond my assigned responsibilities; you will find me eager to collaborate on projects. Through both common & challenging times employers have trusted me as a solver of problems producing positive results for all involved stakeholders.


My experience has created this guiding strategy; the path of improvement is simple. Effective, creative solutions for business growth are derived by first accumulating accurate data, then communicating to unify interests. Desirable results are identified by intelligently reviewing findings with an open mind. Achieving efficiency, improved productivity, thereby increasing value & profit without sacrificing quality is often the goal. My career has evolved, from a student of operations into a leader of financial responsibility. My past is a combination of service, outreach, administration & identifying best practices. My future will be nurturing, guiding and negotiating with teams, clients & customers for both survival & prosperity. To that effect, I am innovative, aim for flawless communication & pursue quality of execution resulting in profitable growth.